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The Company

10% of all proceeds is given back to fellow brothers and sisters in arms! Throughout the year we donate numerous flags to veteran based non-profits. These donated creations are auctioned off, with their proceeds helping to fund whatever the needs are of that non-profit. We are a family of giving, so giving back to fellow brothers and sisters just makes sense to us. 


Darr Furniture is proud to be a family and veteran owned business, located in the heart of Thornton Colorado. We moved to Colorado over 5 years ago for its beauty and friendly people. When we are not working on the business, we try to take part in the endless possibilities the state has to offer.


Thyra, our daughter, has been in the Navy for over two years. When she is not out "saving the world" she helps in the shop on occasion when she visits. The video above was created during one of those visits. It was just a comical way I wanted to show my appreciation for her help. 

Amani, my lovely wife of ten years, retired from the Marine Corps in 2012 after serving 20 years as a helicopter maintainer. She is currently pursuing a bachelor of arts degree, with a minor in photography. When she is not concentrating on assignments she assists with marketing, and helps in the shop from time to time. 


Artist Statement

Andrew Darr may not be a name you have heard before, but it’s certainly one you want to remember. As a contemporary furniture craftsman, Andrew’s meticulous eye for design is quickly establishing his style in the woodworking community. Mr. Darr credits the strong sense of design to everything he learned while attaining his interior design degree. Andrew is married to his best friend, who has played a major role in his success. Both military vets, they have developed a tradition of helping others. With that, 10% of all proceeds go towards numerous non-profit organizations, that in turn, supports other veterans. Supporting local business is just as important to Andrew, so much of his energy is invested in finding local resources for his supply needs. Not everything can be found locally, so he tries to purchase these online items from American companies, when possible. “Supporting American companies is lucrative for everyone.” Andrew is the driving force of the business, yet could not accomplish any of it without the continued support of his loving family. 

Brutus is their 10 year old dog, and presents himself as the brand ambassador from time to time. When he is not asking for food or walks, he spends his time wishing he was in the shop helping his "papa". 

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