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Custom Furniture

Meet and Greet

Whether you find us at a local event, or online, a meeting is scheduled in your home as the first step. The meeting will be one on one with myself, the owner. During the meeting I will listen and take notes to the basics of what you are looking for. At some point I will also take photos of the immediate and surrounding decor which is reviewed later during the design phase. We don't just make pieces that physically fit your space. We create stunning pieces that reflect your personality, while meshing flawlessly with the surrounding decor. 

Design Phase

Our design phase starts with what we gather from your personality. This is attained from our first meeting, as well as a personality questionnaire that we e-mail. The questionnaire is streamlined to gather information on your personalities. You might even learn something yourself! We then brainstorm a few of the characteristics that tie everything together. These characteristics greatly influence the design, and can be seen within the subtle linework of the finished product!  Knowing our direction, it's now time for some sketching. The sketching is basic, but easily understood. And you get quite a few to compare, each of varying design input. Usually clients have interest in numerous of the initial sketches we produce. That is fine. From there we pinpoint what it is you like about each, then fine-tune that idea. After sketching we progress to a 3-D program. This is where you get to get a full understanding of the design. This is also where we add the fine details that will give your custom piece a real personal touch. 

Construction Phase

Before the construction phase we have you sign our contract, and pay just 50% down to start. Now the fun begins! Most pieces we can just start cutting the wood right away. Certain pieces, like chairs, will require a mock up, as well as revisions, to ensure the dimensions are perfect for your comfort. Now we start cutting that wood! During this phase we send you photos of our progress. Towards the end, the photos show less of the actual design. This is so there is always that element of surprise when you see it for the first time! And for all local clients we deliver your new furniture and set it up for you once complete. 

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